Southern Snapshots is a photo booth experience like you've never seen. A vintage camper turned into a high-quality, rolling photo machine. Snapping pics and taking names!


We began this journey with nothing more than a crazy idea. We bought a vintage 1968 Serro Scotty camper in Texas that we really didn't think would survive the  3 hour drive home. Parts of it didn't! Somewhere along the way, the entire license plate and outer storage compartment door fell off.  The whole drive, the main door was flapping in the wind and if it didn't have a Master lock on it, it surely would have fallen off too!  We got it home to Shreveport and went to work.


And then it rained. It rained every. single. weekend.  Nothing got done for about a month! What we thought would be a quick project, turned into an 8 month long obstacle course. One step forward and two steps back. Way too many trips to the hardware store. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears have been put into this crazy little camper. 


Somehow we managed to pull everything together and create an awesome little camper: Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea is now a classy little camper with a vintage yet modern, chic design. Although it's not a traditional vintage color paint job, her white and purple exterior is eye-catching without being gaudy. Her white, gray and black interior is clean, modern, stylish and works with any theme. She has high-quality, professional grade photo booth system that includes a DSLR camera,  touch screen monitor, specialized photo strip printer and more.  


We are excited to be the cutest, most unique photo booth in the Shreveport, Louisiana area and look forward to making many smiles for miles!